The Human Array

The Human Array ‘s founder, Carrie Allen, is on a mission to make personal growth and well-being accessible. She developed an online portal that presents online content, hosts classes and events, connects members to trained coaches, and facilitates communications among individuals facing similar life challenges. Once the technology was functioning as it needed to, Carrie needed language to recruit members and coaches to join. 

I led Carrie through a StoryBrand interview to gain a deep understanding of the goals her target clients aspire to reach, the problems they face on the way, and the ways her business guides them to success.

The resulting homepage content acknowledges her clients’ pain points with empathy to connect, articulates the organization’s authority to build trust, and provides the reassurance potential members need to take action. 

While the copy will initially appear on The Human Array’s website, Carrie can repurpose all of the content in email, social media, and print materials. 


Client Feedback

Allison was incredible to work with. I was having the common founder / owner issue of distilling down everything I wanted to convey into something others understand and what they truly need to know. Allison's process was so thorough that I felt that all of my thoughts were heard and then wrapped up in something that my audience could understand! Such an easy and almost therapeutic experience!
Carrie Allen

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