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The marketing and communications services I can provide your organization are endless!

I’ll be your single point of contact, lead strategist, project manager, and content creator. When necessary, I’ll collaborate with designers, developers, and other talented colleagues.

You’ll receive top-notch communication strategy and tactics without the hassle of managing a dozen consultants or dealing with an expensive agency.

Need to talk through a situation your business is facing?

Schedule a 1-hour consultation to discuss your goals and challenges. You’ll gain clarity and perspective. 

Want a communications partner who can help as needs arise?

Lock in a monthly retainer. Reach out any time you need communications support.

Not sure which tactics make sense for your business?

Start with a communications or website evaluation. I’ll deliver comprehensive feedback and provide recommendations to address your goals.

Communication Strategy and Planning

Get the guidance you need to propel your organization forward. Define, understand, and prioritize your key audiences. Clarify your services, products, or program structure. Evaluate your mission, vision, and values. Develop key messages. Evaluate your communication tactics. Identify new opportunities to connect.

Project Management

Hire an accountable, detail-oriented problem solver to manage your project from start to finish.

Copywriting and Content Creation

Use clear, concise, jargon-free copy to connect with customers and inspire action in all of your communications.

Communications or Website Audit and Recommendations

If you want to optimize your communications, but don't know where to start, this is a great first step.
It's nearly impossible for the people inside your organization to evaluate the clarity and impact of your communications objectively. Is your registration or donation experience intuitive? Does your marketing include insider language and undefined acronyms that could alienate people unfamiliar with your organization? Do your email subject lines entice recipients to click? If I found your new business proposal on the street, would I understand how you help people?
Make sure you are putting your best foot forward when you receive observations and recommendations from a detail-oriented set of fresh eyes.

Website Strategy, Copywriting, Design, and Development

Effective websites require thoughtful strategy, customer-focused copywriting, user-friendly web design, and intuitive functionality. Partner with me to create a site that delivers results.

Public Relations

Establish credibility and reach new audiences through appearances in third-party publications.

Proofreading and Editing

Make sure your website, presentations, proposals, and marketing materials are error-free, accurate, grammatically correct, clear, and easy for anyone to understand.

Print Marketing

Extend your brand to t-shirts, signage, postcards, and other items that add value.

Business Communications

Every single communication you create is a reflection of your company. Make sure your new business proposals, presentations, operational documents, website, and emails are easy to understand, well-organized, error free, reader-focused, and impactful.

Nonprofit Communications

Connect with, solicit, and thank funders with compelling grant requests and creative donor stewardship.

Website Copywriting Using the StoryBrand Technique

Your organization's website is its most important communication tool. As your only 24/7/365 salesperson, it needs to connect with potential customers online as effectively as you connect with them in person. Specifically, your site's homepage must acknowledge the problems your customers face, articulate the unique way your business solves them, and guide visitors to take the next step. Describing the products and services you provide without establishing a human connection just isn't enough to set your business apart from competitors. Fortunately, the StoryBrand framework provides an effective method for your organization to create homepage copy that connects with customers and inspires action.

Internal Communication Team Support

Understand the challenges your communication team faces and make a plan to address them. Establish thoughtful internal systems to streamline processes, increase productivity, and decrease frustration. Develop templates to organize information. Investigate tools to improve collaboration and workflow.

Articles and Blog Posts

Position yourself as a leader with thoughtful blog posts and articles in well-known publications.

Surveys and Forms

Get useful data from forms and surveys that ask carefully worded questions and provide thoughtful answer options. I'll help you think critically about the information you want to receive and craft and refine registration flows, surveys, and forms that deliver usable output.

Email and Social Media

Use email and social media to build and strengthen relationships with your audience.

Hire me for monthly support 1 project 37 projects

Service Summary

Communication Strategy and Planning

  • Audience analysis and message clarification
  • Key message development
  • Marketing calendar development and management
  • Strategic problem solving and guidance
  • Product and service description clarity
  • Marketing and communication evaluation and recommendations

Project Management

  • Timeline development
  • Budget management
  • Vendor selection
  • Project communications
  • Start-to-finish execution

Digital Marketing and Communications

  • Website strategy, content development, design, development, project management, and maintenance
  • Website copywriting using the StoryBrand method
  • Registration system flow development, user experience logic, and QA testing
  • Survey and form development and optimization
  • Search engine optimization
  • Blog article writing
  • Email marketing
  • Social media guidance
  • Digital advertising
  • Video strategy


Nonprofit Communications

  • Fundraising communications
  • Grant writing, donor stewardship, reporting
  • Infographic development


Public Relations

  • Article/op-ed writing
  • Media pitching
  • Award submissions

Business Communications

  • Internal and employee communications
  • New business proposals and presentations
  • Operational documents
  • Issues/sensitive communications
  • Proofreading, editing, and content optimization
  • Internal communication and marketing team support, workflow, and system development


Print Marketing

  • Branded collateral: Postcards, signage, etc.
  • Branded swag: T-shirts, bracelets, chapstick, etc.

No matter what we do, all of our work will follow this simple five-step approach


We’ll take a deep dive into your business and communication goals.


We’ll create a plan that addresses your goals, budget, and timeline.


We’ll implement communication tactics to achieve your goals.


We’ll analyze results, review learnings, and discuss next steps.

End or Renew

Want to do more work together? Great!
All done? Fantastic!

Allison worked closely with us to develop clear, concise, customer-focused communications to explain our program offerings and drive enrollment. Her work clarified our website, registration process, email communications, social media, and print materials allowing our organization to thrive.
Maya Selber
Maya Selber
Chief Operating Officer, JKG