Sandy Springs Music

After 15 years in business, David Szikman knew it was time for a new visual identity and website that communicated the high-quality music lessons, affordable instrument rentals, and state-of-the art recording capabilities he provides at Sandy Springs Music.

Like so many business owners I interview, David was able to answer with ease all of the questions I asked about his business, teachers, and customers. But David isn’t in your living room at 10:00PM when you’re looking for piano lessons (at least he shouldn’t be). My job is to bottle all of the passion and knowledge David delivers in person into an online presence that works 24/7/365 to attract music students.

People often ask me how the websites I create are different than sites they may create with other professionals. The answer is simple.

The websites I write and design in partnership with New Tricks are rooted in a deep understanding of your business. They clearly articulate product and service benefits, address customer pain points with empathy, and provide the reassurance potential clients need to take the next step. In short, they communicate and connect with your audience online in the same way you communicate and connect in person.

Following site launch in January 2020, I continued working with Sandy Springs Music to provide comprehensive, ongoing marketing and communications guidance including:

  • COVID policy and procedure messaging to transition classes from in-person to online and back again
  • New program content development and marketing
  • Ongoing website content development
  • Email marketing
  • Social media agency management
  • Print material development
  • News and event communications

Long-term client relationships like this one allow me to form a deep understanding of an organization, deliver high-quality counsel, anticipate needs, and prioritize support.

Client Feedback

I was looking at the old site this morning and going back and forth from the old to the new... It is an incredible difference. Thank you thank you thank you!
David Szikman

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