Chestatee Counseling Center

Chestatee Counseling Center (CCC) provides assessment, counseling, and support to vulnerable children and families in the Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) system.

Unlike most clients, attracting new customers was not the reason CCC wanted a new website. In fact, as a state-approved agency, they were overwhelmed with families who needed their services. 

The problem: CCC’s 20-person team couldn’t serve all families who needed their help without hiring additional team members. And they couldn’t recruit additional team members without a website that reflected the privilege, challenges, responsibility, and rewards that accompany this important line of work.

Like all of my projects, this one began with a deep-dive conversation to understand Chestatee’s business. That conversation provided the creative direction to develop a new logo and the information necessary to draft compelling content following the StoryBrand Framework. CCC’s new WordPress website, created in partnership with New Tricks attracts qualified talent with emotional imagery, inspiring calls to action, and an honest description of the skills and traits necessary to thrive in this unique work environment.

Following site launch, I set up branded business pages on Facebook and LinkedIn and created a personal LinkedIn profile for CCC’s founder. I designed a branded email template, letterhead templates for Word and Google Docs, and business cards. The job openings I posted to Indeed have generated dozens of qualified leads.

Client Feedback

What strikes me the most is that our new website is crystal clear. You very quickly get a picture of the agency. It’s not complicated or confusing. It's very easy to maneuver. It’s really exactly what we needed to recruit people and you communicated that so well. I think you knocked it out of the park. It’s beyond my expectations; that’s for sure.
Stacy Wolff

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