Big Mama's Foods

At the start of 2023, an old college pal reached out to help market the salad dressing he and his mom had developed and packaged. On his own, Ethan had created a website to sell the dressing and a package insert to include with each dressing he shipped. After getting things off the ground, Ethan was ready to professionalize his materials with strategy and intention.

I worked with Ethan to identify and accomplish two goals:

  1. Detail product benefits, solve customer problems, and encourage new customer purchases via clear, action-oriented website content
  2. Guide existing customers to leave a review and tell friends about the dressing via an effective product insert

Client Feedback

After a year of marketing Big Mama's homemade salad dressing on my own, I decided it was time to take things to the next level and reached out to Allison for help. Following an extensive interview during which Allison asked questions about the problems our customers face and the way our product solves them, Allison created a package insert and website content that speaks directly to the ways our salad dressing improves customers' lives. Both communications outline product benefits and provide clear calls to action to encourage orders and reviews. The best part is that I now have language I can use in other communications including presentations, emails, and on social media. Sadly, Allison does not accept Tulane card for payment. Other than that, it was fun to work with an old college pal!
Ethan Shapiro

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